CA2Q Monthly Flyer
July 2018

CD Message

I'm still looking for a place for the summer picnic planned for October 6.  I've scouted out a few parks but none of them would work.

Becky Carroll from CA2K has organized the first Northern California multi-chapter ride.  It will be in and around Redding from 8/3 to 8/5. Here is more info from Becky:

Most people are booking rooms at the Quality Inn, on Hilltop Drive in Redding and if you book on the internet;, you can get a room anywhere from $57 to $85/night. CA2R has two rides in mind, one to the west and then north from Weaverville thru the mountains and the second a nice ride up to the cool confines of Mt Lassen NP. Both would be fairly early morning KSU/BOBs. Saturday we could cool off at John’s place in the pool and BBQ.

2K will meet at 10:30 at the McDonalds just off the Manual Campos exit of east bound I80. Any chapters coming from the bay area can meet up with us there. I figure that 2S and maybe 2Q will be the furthest away, and if they leave by 9am should be able to get to Fairfield by 10:30. That way no one has to leave so early in the morning. We will meet up with CAC and maybe the 2N folks at 11:30 in Dunnigan at the Denny’s. We can have lunch and then head out to Redding with an estimated time of arrival at about 3pm (check in time).

Gold Angels
Motorcycle Drill Team

The Assistant Drill Sergeant of the Gold Angels supports and assists the team Drill Sgt with training, qualifying riders and the prepartion of training exercises to maintain and improve rider competency. The Assistant Safety Officer of the Gold Angels assists the team Safety Officer with anything related to safety. This includes rider’s motorcyle condition and the training field along with the layout. These two team positions fall onto the shoulders of one Roger Taylor. 

Born and raised in Northern California (almost Oregon), he and his wife of 47 years, Linda, now call Anaheim home. A neighbor, who was like a father to him had a Honda 350, so in 1975 Roger bought himself a Honda 350 so they could ride together. Since his neighbor planted the motorcycling seed, Roger has traveled over 300,000 miles. His favorite ride would have to be Highway 36 from I-5 in Red Bluff to US 101 on the coast. This 140-mile ribbon of asphalt carves its way through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  Oh, did I mention that the road is far from being straight? Very little time is spent on the center of the tires making it a very technically challenging, yet fun ride. When asked about his “Motorcycle Bucket List”, he replies “I don’t have one! I am more spontaneous and go to places known and unknown with friends as the opportunity arises.

After watching the Gold Angels perform, he was so impressed that he wanted to see if he could ride like that. So, in 2014 he tried out, was accepted and the rest is history!” His favorite maneuver would have to be the Opening Wedge because it illustrates the skill required to ride that close together in such a tight formation moving as a single unit while your feet rest on your neighbor’s motorcycle. It has been done with eight Goldwings side-by-side and two performers standing between the center bikes. Roger would like to let the audience know that with a little instruction and a lot of practice, they too could ride like that. He is always extending the invitation to come and try out, warning them that they will be hooked like him.

Rogers ability to learn quickly and his desire to ride fast earned him the call sign “Rabbit “. While appreciative of the teams reasoning for the call sign, he does have a little reservation with it when compared to the rest of the team. Let me illustrate this

Gator  =  Predator                  Cobra  =  Predator
Bulldog  =  Predator               Tigger  =  Predator
Rabbit - LUNCH

The Gold Angels is a “Not for Profit” organization. Each team member is a volunteer and responsible for the costs associated with his or her motorcycle. These costs also include all travel expenses incurred during a performance and all practices. These riders do it because they truly enjoy it. For more information on the team visit them at or find them on Facebook. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or making a donation, feel free to talk to a team member or email them at:

Michael R. Douglas


June Recap

June 16, Saturday – CA2Q Monthly Breakfast and Ride
We had 21 people meet for breakfast and 9 bikes for the ride.  The ride went through San Francisco and up to Occidental for lunch.


July Events

July 21, Saturday – Monthly Chapter Breakfast Social and Ride
Breakfast at 7:30 as usual.  Ride to be announced later.


Upcoming Activities

2018 CA2Q Summer Picnic – Tentatively planned for Saturday October 6.  More information to come.



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