CA2Q Monthly Flyer
February 2018

CD Message

January started with a bang with two rides, the chapter meeting, a hike, and the officers conference.  Ron Green set up a great after chapter ride and I can't wait to see what he picks for February.  The hike at Sycamore Grove was both physically and mentally stimulating.  We came up with a great idea for our first party of the year.  We will have a CA2Q Kentucky Derby party on May 5.  I'll need to get a planning meeting together to work out the details.  I've already got an idea for a Kentucky Derby Challenge.

Robin has the information for the Bingo Hall fundraiser.  I'll be sending out email on that for more details.  The Livermore Bingo Hall will pay $400 for 4 game runners to work for 4 hours on a Tuesday or Friday night or $500 for 5 games runners to work for 5 hours on a Sunday afternoon.  We will do this as our fundraiser instead of the garage sale this year.

For the CA2Q picnic I have been investigating several options.  I have looked at group picnic grounds at several parks in Contra Costa county.  I need to go scout them out.  Two that look to have good facilities, shade from trees, and show availability online are Briones Regional Park and Diablo Foothills Regional Park.  We will discuss these options more at our planning session.

Alright, let's make that planning session Sunday February 25 at my house.


Gold Angels Motorcycle Drill Team


The Captain of the old Angels has many duties and is the administrative leader of the team. He has the final decision authority over all operations and deployment of the team while also ensuring the team is lead safely through routines. In coordination with the Drill Sergeant is responsible for qualifying riders ready to perform in group maneuvers.

This responsibility currently falls on the shoulders of a rider named Trent Reid. Originally from Burley, Idaho he now calls Forest Falls, CA home.

Trent started riding some 50+ years ago because of the excitement which then lead to motorcycles becoming his main mode of transportation. His love for motorcycles had carried him somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000,000 miles. When asked what was his favorite ride, he replied “Every one I ride”, but after a little more prying, he narrowed it down to the Pacific Northwest, including Canada. Trent’s bucket list includes doing the “Four Corners” with an unlimited budget and developing a motorcycle training company.
Trent joined the Gold Angels in 2011 because he was looking to ride with skilled riders and show how a large motorcycle can be handled while also sharing more knowledge with other riders. “Counter-Circles are one of his favorite maneuvers to perform. When asked why, he explained that it was the thrill of riding multiple bikes as close as possible to the center of the field while passing through other bikes. To make it even more exciting, there would be a bike or performer stationary in the center. An important fact that Trent would like to leave the audience and other riders is: Practice with the correct technique and instruction is the KEY to riding. Practice – Practice – Practice and then Practice some more!!

The team chooses the handle for all new members and Trent was given the handle “Gator”. After doing some digging and with the help of his local motorcycle chapter the handle was decided on. Many believe that it is actually short for “Insti-Gator”. The legend of Gator goes something like this: it has been said that Trent has been known to stir the pot on occasion (while enjoying it!!).

The Gold Angels is a “Not for Profit” organization. Each team member is a volunteer and responsible for the costs associated with his or her motorcycle. These costs also include all travel expenses incurred during a performance and all practices. These riders do it because they truly enjoy it. For more information on the team visit them at or find them on Facebook. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or making a donation, feel free to talk to a team member or email them at:
Michael R. Douglas

January Recap

January 1, Monday - New Years Day Ride.
We kicked off the New Year with a scenic ride through the mountains southeast of Livermore.  We had 7 bikes on this ride.  We left the Valero gas station on Vasco Road just south of 580 at 12:30 and headed out Tesla / Corral Hollow to 580. We took 680 down to Patterson and then took Del Puerto Canyon back to Mines Road.  We had a nice break at the Junction before coming back up Mines Road to Livermore.  Weather was great with temps around 60 and sunny.

The route:

January 20, Saturday - CA2Q Chapter meeting. 
We had 20 people at the meeting which was a pretty good number to start the year off.  Ron Green knocked it out of the park as the new  CA2Q ride coordinator.  There were 13 bikes on the after chapter ride with 2 co-riders. Ron led us through the back roads to Woolgrowers in Los Banos for lunch.  Weather was a bit on the chilly side with temps starting around 45 and warming up to around 55.  Woolgrowers is a Basque restaurant which made the perfect lunch setting for the weather.  There was plenty of food and we had an entire room to ourselves.

January 27, Saturday - California District Officers Conference.
Once again the conference was held in Bakersfield California.  Don and Beth Kuellmer and Ron Green joined your CD. Tim Hallock for this years event.  For those of you who have never attended, it is a day long affair starting at 8:00am and lasting into the afternoon.  This year it wrapped up a little early ending around 3:30pm.  The agenda typically consists of the installation of new officers for the chapters, a game challenge of some sort pitting each chapter at a table against each other, explanation of the annual District game for the chapters,  segment on the Motorist Awareness Program, breakout sessions for the different office positions (CD / ACD, Treasurer, MEC and Ride Coordinator), District goals for the year, promotions by each chapter for their upcoming rally's for the year and the 50/25/25 drawing.  The overlapping theme for the conference surrounded the organizational changes to GWRRA, the desire to get back to the basics of riding and having fun, and trying to bring in new and younger members to the chapters.  The single biggest change that CA2Q will see directly is the new Ride Coordinator position.  Don is the District Ride Coordinator and will be promoting multi-chapter rides and education opportunities.

January 28, Sunday – Hiking
Linda Androws motivated 6 of us to get up early on Sunday morning to start a hike at 8:00am at Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore.  The hike was a gradual climb in the hills rising about 600 feet and was approximately 5 miles and took about 2 hours.  The temperature at the start was around 48 with clear sunny skies.

February Events

February 17, Saturday – Monthly Chapter Breakfast Social
Ride to be announced pending the weather report.

 February 25, Sunday 2:00pm – CA2Q 2018 Planning Session
At the Hallock's. We discuss plans for the CA2Q Kentucky Derby party, the summer picnic, Bingo Hall fundraiser, pick a restaurant for a CA2Q lunch or dinner for a Saturday or Sunday in March and maybe brainstorm some Sunday rides.

Upcoming Activities

May 5, Saturday – 2018 CA2Q Kentucky Derby Party

Bingo Hall fundraiser – date to be announced

2018 CA2Q Summer Picnic – date to be announced


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