CA2Q Monthly Flyer
April 2018

CD Message

March was a slow month.  The after chaper meeting ride was rained out.  I postponed the dinner I had intended at The Brass Door after scouting out the situation.  I had hoped for a 1:30 Sunday lunch.  But when I went by the Brass Door on a Sunday around 1:00pm, the parking lot was completely full and the few nearby street parking spaces were taken.  So I decided the parking would be a challenge (hassle).  So I did not get to go in.  I called the restaurant a few days later, midday when they would not be so busy.  Based upon that talk, I decided to try an early dinner on Saturday instead that hopefully will be the crowd. But there are no guarantees!  I wanted to reschedule this for April 7, but due to last minute plans, I have set the date for April 14.

My last minute change in plans is due to something we all fear as motorcycle riders.  I will be attending a memorial service for the nephew of my best friend back in Indiana.  His nephew was riding his 2014 Triumph home on St Patricks day.  It was 2:00AM and he was heading south on I-5 near Glendale.  He was hit by a car that was weaving between lanes and he went down.  Miraculously, he was able to pull himself up off the highway and onto his feet.  He was standing in the number 3 lane when he was hit by a 22 year old female motorist who was drunk. The first vehicle left the scene and will likely never be caught.  The second motorist stayed on the scene and I'm sure her life will have changed forever.

Gold Angels
Motorcycle Drill Team

The 1st Lieutenant (Lt) of the Gold Angels is second in command of the team and has full authority to act on behalf of the team Captain in his absence or as designated by the team Captain. The current 1st Lt of the Gold Angelsi a lady that goes by the name of Edel Albright.

Edel resides in Escondido and began her riding career in 1994. She started riding because she was concerned that if something happened to her husband, who would get them home? Since that time Edel has become a very accomplished rider covering around 200,000 miles. Her current ride is a 2005 blue GL1800 Goldwing. Its always fun to listen to some men tell her that the Goldwing is too big of a bike for them to handle, then ask her what she rides to which she replies “A Goldwing!!” The favorite ride of hers is the “Going to the Sun Road”. This road carves its way thru the scenic beauty of Glacier National Park in north western Montana. Though only 50 miles in length, it takes over 2 hours to travel from one end, over the 6,646 foot Logan Pass to the other end PROVIDED you don’t stop anywhere along the way. With all the beauty you will encounter, you had better plan on at least doubling that. A trip across the United States tops her motorcycle bucket list.

Edel helped create the Gold Angels back in 1999 and is one of only two Charter (founding) members still performing with the team. Why did she join or more appropriately start the Gold Angels you may ask? To which she will reply “I thought it would be a fun thing to do!” The “Infinity” tops her list of favorite maneuvers because it looks like a well-choreographed dance, only with motorcycles. Edel is not afraid to get involved during the performances either. In addition to being the team announcer, keep an eye out for her during the show. You will find her dancing with a motorcycle in the middle of the field, playing jump rope with the riders and you will even find her riding between two motorcycles. Hey, I guess it is true: “When in Rome…!” Her goal with each performance is to make sure everyone was entertained. Mission accomplished when you look around at the audience and see all those big smiles.

With Edel’s love for tigers, it is no surprise that her team handle it “Tigger”. That’s Tigger:   Tea – Eye -  double Guh – Er    Tigger.

The Gold Angels is a “Not for Profit” organization. Each team member is a volunteer and responsible for the costs associated with his or her motorcycle. These costs also include all travel expenses incurred during a performance and all practices. These riders do it because they truly enjoy it. For more information on the team visit them at or find them on Facebook. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or making a donation, feel free to talk to a team member or email them at:

Michael R. Douglas

March Recap

March 17, Saturday – Monthly Chapter Breakfast Social
Our next Chapter gathering will conclude with a lunch ride to the Sugar Barge on Bethel Island.

This will be a relatively short trip made more interesting with a few excursions on some pastoral roads. This will also be a goat road free ride on well maintained roads. :-)
Here's the planned route:

March 18, Sunday – Bingo Hall Fundraiser
Wolff, Zippy, Linda Androws, Peggy and Tim worked as Flash Runners at the  Livermore Bingo Hall which earned $500 for CA2Q.  This was much more demanding then what I was expecting.  It was fun but tiring. The job is pretty easy.  You get an money apron and simple till for carrying flash tickets and cash.  You walk up and down the aisles and people will yet out flash.  It is $1 per flash ticket.  They tell you how many they want and you trade the cash for the tickets.  Sounds really easy.  But at times it moves really fast.  You start out with packs of 20 tickets which you split as people ask for one, two, three, etc.  In the end, some people thought a garage sale was much easier!


April Events


April 14. Saturday 4:30PM – CA2Q Dinner
We will try an early dinner at The Brass Door in San Ramon. This is a very popular restaurant that has been around since 1946.  Prime rib is their signature dish, but they do have a fairly diverse menu with sandwiches, chicken, pasta and seafood.

April 21, Saturday – Monthly Chapter Breakfast Social
March's ride was a rainout so Ron has plans to try it again this month. Our Chapter gathering will conclude with a lunch ride to the Sugar Barge on Bethel Island.
This will be a relatively short trip made more interesting with a few excursions on some pastoral roads. This will also be a goat road free ride on well maintained roads. :-)
Here's the planned route:


Upcoming Activities


May 5, Saturday – 2018 CA2Q Kentucky Derby Party
Come prepared to bet on the race!  Dress up in your favorite Derby outfit and bring something to share. You'll want to try my Kentucky Bourbon Pie!

2018 CA2Q Summer Picnic – Tentatively planned for Saturday October 6.  More information to come.

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