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Linda Androws aka Gigi

GWRRA#:  166953-1
Date of Birth: Cinco de Mayo
Place of Birth: St. Paul's Hosptial, Livermore, CA
A 4th generation "California Girl" born and bred

I am a fourth generation Californian, the oldest of five daughters. I was a sweet, innocent girl of about 19, a product of 8 years of parochial school and 4 years at Livermore High. I was attending Chabot College when I met Bill.  Much to my parents horror he drove a Pontiac GTO with a spoiler and a huge engine. To top that off, he owned a 650 Triumph with extended forks and a padded “sissy bar” type seat. I had never ridden on a motorcycle but from the first time I hopped on back and wrapped my arms around his waist, I was hooked!  I felt like I had become a flower child, wild and free…me with a shag haircut, bellbottom jeans, halter tops, and platform sandals.  Bill sported a Fu Manchu mustache and slightly long curly dark hair.  People said he looked like Jim Croce! It was 1972 (OK you’ve probably come close to figuring out my age! If…you even care.)   At that time helmets were not required but Bill bought helmets and we wore them.  We enjoyed many good times riding alone and with my sister and her husband who owned a Harley. 

The births of our still sweet and wonderful children, Mary and Rob curtailed our motorcycling days until Bill bought a Harley in 1996.  With the kids grown and out of the house, we again took up motorcycling.  We felt like kids again, the wind, the roar of the engine, the vibration, the ringing ears!  We truly enjoyed our times on the Harley. 

In 2001 Bill bought a Suzuki Hayabusa, a very fast bike.  A mishap in 2002 totaled the Busa.  Fearing for his life, I told Bill I did not want him to replace it with another sport bike.  I didn’t like riding on the Busa and suggested a big comfortable bike like a Honda Gold Wing.  Six weeks after the Busa incident we flew to LA with another couple to pick up our new 1800 Gold Wings.  We rode the bikes home traveling 3 days up the coast.  Bill started looking for a Gold Wing chapter for us and found CA2Q.  I wasn’t thrilled about joining a motorcycle chapter.  We had tried with one Harley club but just didn’t seem to fit in or feel welcomed.  We were greeted with open arms by Bob Hole, Bob Tobin, Reiner and Lisa Kappenberger, Steve and Jacque Foster, and all of the members.  We felt like we had found the perfect chapter for us. The rest, they say is, “history.”  We have traveled our beautiful country, seeing places we never would have had it not been for the Gold Wing and our cycling friends!  We have shared many fun times, laughter and tears, and found kindred spirits at CA2Q.

I can’t leave out the other additions to our family. In 2001, Mary married our son-in-law, Cody, now a 2Q Chapter member. In 2002 our darling, sweet, brilliant grandson, Haiden arrived. Four years later, precious, smart, artistic little Chloe was born. We get to see them almost every day, as I am the stay-at-home grandma taking them to and from school and to after school activities. I love and cherish every minute of the time we spend with them. Activities with them keep me young in spirit and body!

BTW, I am officially a card carrying member of the Iron Butt Association and proud of it. And, “Yes!” in answer to your question.  I have buns of steel!