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Shirley Jarumay



GWRRA#:  197996-1
Date of Birth: Jan 31, 19__ (a woman never tells)
Place of birth: Southern New Jersey
Raised in: Grenloch, NJ

I was first introduced to motorcycling when I purchased a Honda CB125 in the early 70’s. I rode it to work and college for several years. After graduation I had to choose between a car payment and a cycle payment and the car won out. This was an easy decision because I realized that I wasn’t a particularly good rider and I was terrified to lean on the curves (sound familiar).

When Alan and I met in the 80’s, he decided he would buy a new motorcycle. He chose a Honda Sabre and I enjoyed did riding around as his co-rider, but we never traveled too far outside from the Bay Area.  On a ride to the Marin Headlands one day, we saw a large group of Goldwingers. We stopped and talked with them for a while. Although they were older folks, we found them to be friendly and more than willing to chat with us. I also noticed that the co-riders seat looked far more comfortable than the narrow seat and sissy bar I was used too. I believe it was then and there that we both felt that some day we would own one of those beautiful Wings.

Several years later Alan moved on to a Kawasaki Vulcan 1500. It was certainly a much larger cycle with a more comfortable co-rider seat, however, my tailbone still would begin to hurt after only 45 minutes. I didn’t really enjoy this cycle as much as I had hoped and wasn’t willing to do any long distance rides.

After several years of owning the Vulcan we got new neighbors and they owned a Road King. They also belonged to the local HOG and seemed to be having a lot of fun both on the bike and with the group. I took a test ride on the Road King and found it to be very comfortable. Perhaps this would be the right bike! Alan had other ideas and his preference was a Soft Tail and not a Road King. I soon realized that the co-rider seat of a Soft Tail wouldn’t offer much more comfort than our current cycle. I remembered the Goldwing from years earlier and mentioned to Alan that I might be more interested in riding if we had a Goldwing. I thought it might be just the cycle that would allow us to tour the country.

That’s all Alan needed to hear. We soon made a visit to Milpitas Honda and in May 2004, we purchased our Candy Black Cherry Goldwing. We went on our first ride with Chapter CA2Q May 15, 2004, less than 1 week after buying our Wing.

I still had a lot of growing to do as a co-rider, but our Chapter has helped me along the way.  We have now have taken several trips around our beautiful land and we are building precious memories together. We have made many new friends and are having a wonderful time.

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Alan & Shirley in Moab, UT, August 2008