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Susie Coles

GWRRA#: 19938
Date of Birth: Feb 20, 19??
Place of birth: Toronto Canada
Raised in: Mountain View, Ca

I've been riding for almost 30 years. I started looking at motorcycles after seeing a friend riding one and it looked like fun. My first bike was supposed to be a Goldwing but when I got near one in a dealer showroom I got easily talked into a "much" smaller bike so I ended up with a Kawasaki 400LTD. I was given an opportunity to ride a '76 wing and I was thrilled! But I thought I'd try a bit larger bike first so I moved up to a Honda Silverwing (full dressed CX500), after a year I finally got my first Goldwing which was a 1983 Gl1100 Aspencade. After 7 yrs & 117K miles I upgraded to an '89 1500 then there was the '95 Magenta 20th Anniversary SE. After the accident with the '95, I was lucky enough to get a white '97 SE which became Fantasy Wing II.

I've been an AMA member for over 28 years and a GWRRA member for 27 years with 400K miles as a member almost 450K total, My '95 rolled over the 100K mark before the accident. I've been as far as New York and Tennessee, up into Canada above the Great Lakes, and in the south, I've hit Oklahoma, Texas and all the western states. I ran out of gas once in Montana and I had a flat tire on my trailer in Kentucky. I pull an Escapade Trailer and before that I had a Bushtec Ultimate for 14 years. (smaller than what is made now).

I like making things and doing the work myself. I did all the artwork on most of the bikes. I also make a lot of the brackets and mounts for my electrical toys.